• It is both a tactical advantage and cost saving to ensure that our clients are the first party in the case to be able to fully evaluate their exposure and disposition options. Once the client elects a course of action, Dummit Buchholz & Trapp’s efforts are directed at only one end: the immediate obtaining and reporting of results, not just reporting information or new developments. We accomplish this through the aggressive use of initiative, creativity and persistence. It is through the effective use of these fundamental concepts that Dummit Buchholz & Trapp distinguishes itself as unique amongst personal injury defense firms.
  • Our first priority is to provide an early and accurate evaluation of the case-before any other party’s attorney can do so.
  • A successful trial attorney must discover favorable evidence, get it admitted at trial, and present it to the jury in a persuasive manner. Many attorneys never perfect this third element, nor realize its importance.
  • While we are proud of our results, clients are often more pleased with our responsiveness.