Medical Malpractice

Dummit Buchholz & Trapp maintains a team of dedicated professionals who provide comprehensive, dynamic legal services to a vast array of healthcare providers, including acute care hospitals, residential care facilities, skilled nursing, assisted living facilities, acute care psychiatric hospital, specialty care centers, outpatient programs, and individual healthcare providers.


We never lose sight of the fact that healthcare providers’ primary concern is the well-being of their patients. As such, we take measures to reduce the stress of litigation, all the while ensuring exemplary results. Our team of healthcare law attorneys have in-depth experience involving medical malpractice, elder abuse claims, regulatory compliance, administrative actions, claims against public entities, business disputes, employment related matters, privacy breaches, and more. Along with litigation and dispute resolution, and consistent with our client-centered approach, our team of healthcare attorneys provide guidance in regulatory compliance and education on various topics relevant to the day-to-day practice of healthcare to reduce the likelihood of a dispute arising. Preventing litigation is a cost-savings for our clients, and ensures they can devote their time and energies to the business of providing their healthcare services. In addition to state and federal litigation, Dummit, Buchholz & Trapp has defended healthcare providers in administrative actions before the California licensing boards and before the Labor Commission.

Medical Malpractice Law